From rail shower heads to handheld and other types, the list of shower heads is unending. In this article, we will go over some of the few types of shower heads that are very useful in bathroom.

Double shower head

The Double Shower head is not one of the most common options, but it is probably the best when you are sharing the bathroom. It has two heads in one Shower. One of the shower heads has a stationary design, while the other one is hand held. Some people generally prefer to bathe with a stationary Shower head. Others believe that they should hold their Shower heads close to some spots that are blind spots. That is why it is best for a bathroom that combines.

Waterfall Shower head

If you are a lover of nature, you will agree that waterfalls are one of the cutest nature sights. A waterfall Shower is, in essence, trying to recreate the waterfall effect. Instead of water coming out of the regular small holes like other showers, the water will slip off a ledge. It takes a lot of water, but it makes you feel like you’re in a waterfall. It is best for people who love lots of water while bathing.

Filtered Shower head

The filtered Shower head is one you should consider when you do not exactly trust the water you are bathing with. The quality of water that you pour on your body, especially from a shower, is very important. Whether you like it or not, some water pouring from the shower gets into your mouth and can cause illnesses if it is not clean. That is why the filtered Shower comes with a filter to hold out deposits and other debris from getting into your body. It has one downside: whenever the filter gets filled,it needs to be cleared.

High pressure Shower head

Sometimes, you need a massage after a hard day’s work or a workout routine. This is where the high pressure Shower head comes into play. It has an increased pressure of water, so with the higher force, the water hitting your body is not just pouring but massaging you. This type of shower usually requires a lot of water to use it the proper way.

Outdoor Shower head

The outdoor Shower may look like a regular shower when you first see it from a distance. Yes, you may be correct about the look, but the materials of the outdoor Shower head are usually stronger than every other shower. This enables it to stay in different conditions.


You have countless options when it comes to choosing shower heads. We are not even done with half of the list. Shower heads have numerous types due to different companies trying to meet their consumers at the point of their needs. Customers usually come with different problems for a manufacturer to solve. It is the manufacturer that will try to create a shower head to satisfy each category or persona of their respective consumers. We have discussed some standard options of Shower heads. If you have been considering installing or changing yours, you can pick one of the shower heads.

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