Cheap human hair wigs are not easy to come by. This is because authentic human hair wigs are usually costly as they offer numerous excellent qualities. However, you can find cheap options by looking for brands with flash sales, directly purchasing from manufacturers, and buying wholesale. When doing this, you must consider elements like quality, authenticity, and wig style. It would also help to consider your face shape. This write-up discusses how to pick the best wigs based on face shape.

Choosing a wig based on the shape of your face

One noble thing many people forget to consider when selecting the right wig is the shape of their face. Note that not all wigs are designed for all faces. Some wigs are designed for specific shape faces. Below is a guide for the best wigs for various face shapes;

1. Wigs for oval faces

A lot of people have oval-shaped faces. This type of face shape is considered perfect by most people because of its proportionality. For this reason, people with oval-shaped faces do not face much trouble when looking for the best wigs. This type of face shape looks good with all types of hairstyles. Therefore, a person with an oval-shaped face can wear any type of wig. They can also wear any wig length and texture and still look great.

2. Wigs for round faces

While people with oval faces can rock any wig, the same cannot be said about people with round faces. Naturally, if you have a round face, it means that you also have a wide hairline and full cheeks. This means that short and wavy wigs may not be an ideal choice for you. Such wigs will make your face look rounder and fuller. Therefore, you would do better with straight and long wigs. The wigs will add some length to your face, giving the illusion of an oval-shaped face. If you had a curly wig, it would be wise to go for one with wide or loose curls and long strands.

3. Wigs for square face shapes

People with square-shaped faces often have wide hairlines and jaws. Therefore, the best wig choice would be one that makes a face looks narrower. In this case, curly wigs would do the trick. With curly wigs, the hair strands stay close to the face. This will hide the shape and make it look narrower. The wigs can be long or short, as long as they have tight curls.

4. Wigs for heard face shapes

Heart or diamond shaped-faces are pretty rare. However, they still exist. People with this face shape often have broad foreheads and thinner chins. An ideal wig for such a person should be able to hide the width of their forehead. Therefore, a wig with a lot of volumes would be perfect. Wigs with strands that are full around the jaw area would also help the face look proportional.


If you do not know how to pick the right wig based on your face shape, you can seek help from salespersons, salons, or experts. You can also put on the various types of wigs and determine which one looks best on you.


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