An input device that controls every movement of the characters along with other related objects is known as the gaming controller. However, everyone is well aware that previously the gamers had to plug in the controllers to their device. But nowadays these types of controllers are replaced by wireless controllers to have an effective gaming process. The wireless controllers don’t need any kind of port to get started. All it needs is batteries as they are powered with batteries. Nonetheless, the gaming controllers have come into consideration just to improve the gaming quality. You can visit website of easysmx for more product details.

The article is presented to the audience to keep them updated about gaming controllers. The above paragraph is all about controllers. However, the upcoming segment will specify its various types.

Product Suggestions By Easysmx

This section of the blog will furnish both distinct types of products and can buy them from Easysmx.

1. ESM-9124

This controller has a linear trigger button. It’s very much convenient for the PC side and Nintendo Switch. Along with that it has the same function just like the Xbox controller and is highly comfortable. This type of controller has 600mAh lithium battery life which means the gamers can use it for at least 10-15 hours.

2. ESM-9110

This type of controller has the global patented M1-M4 programming buttons design. However, pump up the gaming experience at a high level. Along with this, the  2.4G Wireless Transmission Technology provides a smooth connection and ESM-9110 can easily get connected to the Nintendo Switch after connecting it with a charging cable.

3. NS-2076

NS-2076 is capable of working with Windows OS, Nintendo Switch, Vista, Android, Steam and TV Box. Apart from working capacity, single-button mapping along with macro are also possible in this controller with 2 programmable buttons. However, a 3.5mm connector is also there which has to be connected to the device with a wire.

4. KC-8236

KC-8236 has a connectivity range of 10m which is 32.8ft. The gamers can easily use it sitting in the bedroom. To enhance the multi-gaming experience KC-8236 is the best one because of the Asymmetrical linear motor. However, to prevent slips the grips are designed with non-slip textures to provide full control. However, 2.4 GHz wireless technology is installed for hassle-free gaming.

5. ESM-9013

ESM-9013 has 2.4 wireless transmission technology with a smooth connection. With the help of the asymmetric vibrating motor, the gamers can experience different vibration levels in various incidents and levels. However, the gripping material is made up of textured rubber which is more than enough to prevent sweating on hand.

6. ESM-4108S

ESM-4108S has wireless chip technology stable along with a 32-foot range Bluetooth connection. To enhance the baking experience an advanced 6-axis sensor is provided. Along with that, the TURBO function is also there. ESM-4108S has long battery life.

7. YS27

YS27 can easily get connected via Bluetooth up to 10m with the Nintendo Switch console. To acquire a high-level gaming experience the advanced 6-axis sensor is installed in it. The controller has a battery life of about 600mAh and is made up of a lithium battery. The device is much compatible with Android phones and Android TV, PC (wired) Windows XP/ 10/ 7/ 8/ 8.1 system.


If the audience is much increased to grab any of the controllers then they can go with Easysmx. It’s one of the emerging brands when it comes to game controllers. They provide durable and genuine controllers at a reasonable price.

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